Curtis revelling in winding up Portsmouth's rivals

Bullish Ronan Curtis has pledged to keep on '˜nibbling' as he bids to unnerve opponents.

Monday, 17th September 2018, 4:27 pm
Updated Monday, 17th September 2018, 6:28 pm
Ronan Curtis applauds the Pompey fans at London Road on Saturday Picture: Joe Pepler

The self-confessed wind-up merchant has shown no fear since bustling into the Football League following a summer switch from Derry.

With five goals and five assists in seven League One appearances, the 22-year-old has proven a revelation.

Similarly eye-catching has been the swagger and confidence dripping from his game, irritating a number of opponents.

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Ronan Curtis applauds the Pompey fans at London Road on Saturday Picture: Joe Pepler

Plymouth's Joe Riley refused to shake Curtis' hand at the final whistle after a nutmeg in the corner, while there was a running battle with Oxford's Tony McMahon.

But that's all part of the Irishman's football approach.

Curtis told The News: '˜I don't back down. I might be a young player, but I give it my all on the pitch and am a wind-up merchant.

'˜If it's winding up opposition defenders to get into their head then that's what you've got to do. You have to give them a little dig or two in the game.

Ronan Curtis troubles Peterborough defenders in Saturday's 2-1 victory. Picture: Joe Pepler

'˜It's self-belief, I am a wind-up merchant aren't I, all our players know as well.

'˜They call me the '˜Banter Man' in the changing room and it's good to have a laugh, but when it's game day it's game day, you are here to work.

'˜You have ups and downs in the game when you might have a little tussle with an opponent or a little nibble at him '“ and he may have a little nibble at you.

'˜It sometimes works, they get wound up and don't like it, but after the game there's the handshake.

 '˜I get into their heads a bit and it gives you an advantage. I know people try to wind me up and get into my head, that's football really.

'˜It doesn't work on me, though, I let it go in one ear and out the other!'

Certainly Curtis reflects with a smile on his encounter with Oxford's McMahon.

He added: '˜He kicked me a few times in the first half, so I was just laughing at him.

'˜He was like 'Who are you? Blah, blah' and I was like 'It doesn't matter who I am, just worry about yourself'.

'˜When we scored I was winding him saying 'What's the score?'.

'˜Then it was 'Where are you?' and he said 'What do you mean?'. I replied 'We're near the top of the league and you're bottom!'.

'˜He got wound up even more then, I think it put him off his game a bit!'