Euro 2016: Bone on the Box week two

Steve Bone's verdict on the Euro 2016 coverage so far...

Thursday, 16th June 2016, 1:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:33 pm
Harry Kane

This is not a state that occurs infrequently, I’ll be honest, but the BBC have really addled my brain this time. It’s the little pitch and round coloured blobs they have taken to showing in order to tell us which formation teams will be playing in.

All was fine with this until they showed the Belgium formation the other night just as I was about to press the red button to see if there was anything more interesting on BBC4 like the story of Showaddywaddy.

Suddenly there were more small red circles on the screen than I could cope with and in my desperation to check out alternative viewing options, I think I zapped Jan Vertonghen to within an inch of his life.

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Earlier on Monday, Jonathan Pearce almost morphed into a town crier when the Republic of Ireland went ahead against the Swedes. ‘Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,’ he exclaimed. Think it is supposed to be ‘O yea’ but at least Pearcey did manage ‘O’Shea’ a few times, so he was close.

So far, I’m preferring the BBC commentaries but I reckon ITV are edging the studio sections of the coverage, although I was worried for Pougers and the lads when I saw they couldn’t afford a roof and some walls when they were presenting the England game. Maybe the network needs to sell a few more ads to run until three seconds before games start.

Back at MOTD, Alan Shearer seems a little confused at times (perhaps the red blobs/buttons have done for him too). At the weekend he wondered aloud why Harry Kane had been taking England’s penalties (he meant corners).

Meanwhile I have the answer to what for many must be the Robbie Savage quandary. Here’s the Robbie rules: If he’s on TV, have the TV pictures on but the sound down and the radio on. If he’s on the radio, have the radio on but with the sound down and just watch the TV.

Another who is dividing his time between the gogglebox and the wireless is Thierry Henry and it was on Le Radio that he was working for France’s opening-night win over Romania.

When Dmitri Payet scored the hosts’ superb winner Henry said: ‘Sometimes I have nothing to say.’

Err, Thierry, about that money we licence-payers are stumping up for you to give your views on the football...