Ex-Pompey board member herald's Eisner bid as '˜a golden opportunity'

A FORMER Pompey board member has lauded Michael Eisner's proposed takeover after the full details of the bid were revealed.

Saturday, 29th April 2017, 1:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:44 pm
Mick Williams is backing Michael Eisner's bid to buy Pompey PPP-141118-212754001

Mick Williams, who was one of the leading figures in rescuing Pompey from falling off the football map, has championed the billionaire’s bid as a ‘golden opportunity’ for the Blues.

Mr Williams – who is one of Pompey’s 16 presidents said: ‘I think the proposals are as good as we are going to get.

‘If you were to draw up a list of all the things that Pompey fans would want from a takeover, he would tick most boxes.

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‘I’d say that if the bid were to be turned down, it is very unlikely that another bid would surface in the near future.’

The News previously reported in March that the former chief executive of Disney was looking to takeover the Blues through his Tornante firm.

A dossier sent to fans today revealed the takeover would cost £5.67m, with at least £10m of additional equity injected into the club but that there would be no fan representation on the board and the bid does not ensure that Fratton Park would not be separated from the company operating Pompey.

Mr Williams said in relation to the vital works needed on Fratton Park: ‘The money for the works has got to come from somewhere and if it doesn’t come with a takeover then it will end up coming out of the playing budget.

‘He has already said that he is committed to carrying out the remedial works to make the stands safe. Why should he not talk about separating the stadium from the club when it may be the most beneficial option to the club later on.’

In regards to plans for a Heritage and Advisory board instead of fan representation on the club board, Mr Williams added: ‘I am very happy with that. The heritage board will mean that fans will be able to have a say on the things that are most important to them, which is fine by me.

‘This man is an excellent businessman and is very well respected. This really is a golden opportunity for the club.’