Fans compare Pompey's past to present

Kenny Jackett admitted his overhaul of the Pompey squad has aided the energy levels in his side.

Friday, 15th September 2017, 2:00 pm
Pompey manager Kenny Jackett Picture: Joe Pepler

That promopted us to ask our Facebook followers at Portsmouth FC – The News: How do you rate Pompey’s current squad compared to last season’s?

Here’s what our readers had to say...

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Shaun Nicholls

The squad itself is more balanced, younger and is still learning the rigours of a higher league.

You cannot compare the 2 due to different leagues under different managers.

Let’s not forget that until March we were nowhere near where we finished.

Jake Meyers

Truthfully? I’d say weaker in some areas (Stevens and Doyle huge losses), stronger in others (Pitman and Kennedy)...

Team still looks a little unbalanced, but we’re getting there - work in progress.

Matt Read

We look good but I think Jamal Lowe needs a rest.

He could have had about 4 goals in the last 2 games yet missed sitters. Give Naismith a crack.

Michael Granger

Still don’t think we are as good as last year regardless of being in a higher league.

Doesn’t mean we won’t be. Also believe we are a poorer side without Naismith, Rose, Evans and kyle. But there you go.

Rob Emery

I think we are still being bullied by the opposition, we have yet to acclimatise to the speed & physicality of div 1.

Tom Emmence

Definitely need a decent cm.

Don’t think May is ready yet. Leaving the likes of Rose and and Evans out of the squad baffles me tho.

Ryan James Crockford

Improved squad.. still adjusting .. we’ll get there.

Joanne Trueman II

A rough diamond in a much tougher league. Stronger, as we’ve cleared out the dead wood.

Joe Parsons

Tough to say but with new players a lot more depth.

Keith Taylor

Vast improvement.

Ben Jones

How can you compare the two when we are in different leagues?

There is already a clearly higher quality of football and the increased levels of fitness and athleticism are clear to see.

Roberts has gone to Wigan, how many times had he played? Baker has gone to a pub team in India, Doyle and Davies have dropped back down a league... and some of last years players are struggling at this higher level.

Jackett is doing the right thing by increasing the fitness and energy levels at the club and reducing the average age.