Gaffer: Deserved Pompey win but didn't need the late drama

Pompey fan Tom Jeffereys, age 26, from Glasgow, answers questions on Pompey's win at Blackpool in our gaffer for a day feature...

Sunday, 12th August 2018, 4:20 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 8:21 pm
Ronan Curtis was in superb form for Pompey. Picture: Joe Pepler

Well this season is going rather well at the moment, isn't it.

Happy days, two wins to start the season and I'm delighted with six points.

Definitely the best team won on Saturday '“ although it got a bit nervy late on.

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It should have been 3-0 at half-time, other than their shot which hit the post, Blackpool weren't doing much.

Everyone thought a second should kill it off, then the goalkeeper who had twice sliced clearances out of play hoofed one down the middle and it was awful defending.

We started sitting back inviting pressure, they were pressing us higher, and the ball kept coming back.

Thankfully that linesman's flag went up!


Tremendous display of solidarity shown by Pompey fans towards Blackpool.

When walking out of the stadium afterwards a few of their supporters shook our fans' hands and thanked them.

In the pubs before the match our fans sung anti-Oyston songs, while some Pompey supporters put Oyston out flags in the away section. Once you have been in that same situation '“ like we have '“ it changes everything.


Who stood out for you among Pompey's players?

It's difficult not to give man of the match to Ronan Curtis. If that one in the first half hadn't struck the post he would have had a hat-trick.

He didn't stop running, especially in the opening 70 minutes, showing so much energy and not giving up on many balls. With his size, you might think he would struggle physically, but he brushed off their lad superbly for the second goal.


What did you make of the decision to drop Brett Pitman?

At first I thought he had to be injured '“ then I saw him warming up on sidelines!

It was a surprise and, I must admit, before the match a few of us sat there trying to work it out, yet we won the match.

We had only one game plan, which was to lob the ball up to Oli Hawkins, but two goals came from it.

I suppose it's horses for courses, whether it is two up front or either Hawkins or Pitman up there.