Hawks’ match postponed due to waterlogged pitch

Hawks manager Lee Bradbury. Picture: Habibur Rahman
Hawks manager Lee Bradbury. Picture: Habibur Rahman
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The Hawks’ National League south division match at Truro was the latest of their fixtures to be postponed.

The team coach got as far as Ringwood today when they found out the pitch was waterlogged.

The Hawks, who have not played for three weeks, now face a long midweek trip to Cornwall later in the season.

Manager Lee Bradbury said: ‘Obviously it is very disappointing and frustrating from our point of view.

‘It is what it is and we don’t seem to be able to get a game on at the moment.

‘That is frustrating because we want to keep up the momentum.

‘The only positive thing is that we didn’t get all the way down there and have the game called off.

‘There is still a lot of wasted effort, though, because a lot of people had to get up very early to travel.

‘It can’t be helped because clubs are not allowed to call games off the day before.

‘With the distance involved it meant that we had to set off before Truro could realistically have a pitch inspection.

‘Maybe this is something that needs looking at.

‘Where there are such big distances involved, maybe clubs should be allowed to make a decision the day before.’

The Hawks now have not played since their defeat at Dartford on January 13.

Bradbury added: ‘It will now be three weeks without a game for us and that is bound to have some effect.

‘Losing this game also gives us the prospect of a midweek trip to Truro, which isn’t ideal.

‘All we can do is try to stay as sharp as possible and try to get our home games on.’