Insider: Pompey to face a Blackpool in crisis '“ again

BLACKPOOL is a club that's always been in chaos.

Friday, 10th August 2018, 6:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 8:20 pm
Former Blackpool manager Gary Bowyer

It's just that with Gary Bowyer departing this week, it's come back to the fore once again.

The club has always been a mess, but Bowyer somehow managed to make it look normal.

Promotion was secured via the play-offs in his first season and then he guided the team to a 12th-placed finish last term.

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Former Blackpool manager Gary Bowyer

That's despite losing most of their players and no one really expecting anything from the team.

How he managed to achieve what he did I'm not quite sure, because all of the issues that have always been there are still there.

Now his exit this week has brought all the anger back to the fore for supporters.

The fans have carried that anger for a long while now, but these issues mean they bubble to the surface again.

It doesn't look like there's any light on the horizon for supporters.

Owner Owen Oyston seems like he wants to cling on to the club, and it seems like he's not going to go. 

If he is, it's going to be a case of forcing him out through the legal system and Valeri Belokon (who the High Court ruled is owed at least £20m by the Oystons).

That all went very quiet recently though, and is a slow process.

There's people who've been in talks with the club, but there is no takeover close.

It seems Oyston is desperate to stay involved, even though he has to pay £20m. It's ludicrous and you would've thought he would've given up after the court case last November, but he hasn't.

Put all that together and you can't blame Bowyer one for leaving. I'm surprised he's lasted this long.

The training ground at Blackpool is unusable so Bowyer forked out to get a training pitch out of his own pocket.

That's in Preston, which, of course, is the home of Blackpool's main rivals.

He was eventually reimbursed but that shows how bad the situation is.

The protests have been going on for four or five years, and there will be another on Saturday which Portsmouth fans have been encouraged to join. 

It's a job to pick a player to watch on the pitch, because 12 new players have come in to make sure they've got the numbers but it looks a lot like quantity over quality.