Jackett: No owner meddling at Portsmouth

Kenny Jackett has promised: There's no owner meddling at Pompey.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 3:27 pm
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 4:35 pm
Pompey owner Michael Eisner, centre, with manager Kenny Jackett and chief executive Mark Catlin at AFC Wimbledon. Picture: Joe Pepler

The Blues boss has given an insight into his working relationship with the club's Amiercan hierarchy, as he continues his bid to take the Fratton Park outfit back to the Championship.

And Jackett has underlined that process is taking place without having to deal with interference from the board.

Michael Eisner will be at Fratton Park for today's Fleetwood clash after flying into England last weekend to watch the meeting with AFC Wimbledon.

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Pompey owner Michael Eisner, centre, with manager Kenny Jackett and chief executive Mark Catlin at AFC Wimbledon. Picture: Joe Pepler

Discussions with Jackett have taken place in that time, with more talks planned as other members of the Tornante Company arrive in the city for the game.

But Jackett has told how they will take place without an overbearing influence from those above him.

The manager said: '˜Mr Eisner was at Wimbledon and will be at Fratton Park this weekend.

'˜I spoke to him on Saturday and have spoken to him since then. We're in pretty regular contact on the phone with those guys from the States.

'˜There's a strong interest in what we're doing and want us to talk through each stage, whether that be a general chat on my views or any overall strategy on the next window or assessment on the last one.

'˜Those things can be very, very important. They want to be clear, want involvement and want to know.

'˜But they are also happy, so far, to back Mark (Catlin) and back myself and our judgement, within parameters, to do what we think is best for the club.

'˜They do (let Jackett do his job). They are very interested in all of the departments, want to know what's happening and want to talk about it.

'˜But, similarly, once it comes down to it and we're going forward, with parameters, they do let us go and make the decisions and what is best in terms of our decisions for the club.'

Jackett also explained the lines of communication to the Pompey board have proved clear in his time as manager.

Despite the owners spending the majority of their time in America, there has not been the kind of lag over decisions experienced by managers with foreign investors at other clubs.

Jackett told how chief executive, Mark Catlin, is an important conduit in that process.

He added: '˜I don't think it (the owners being in England) changes anything, because there's clear lines of communication anyway.

'˜I've never been in the situation so far where I'm waiting on decisions above me.

'˜I can go to Mark and get some clarity on any situation almost instantly.

'˜They've been very level since I've been here in terms of what they want to do.

'˜There's clear lines of communication and, in terms of the board, there is Mark who's here on a daily basis.

'˜You read about some managers and they have to wait.

'˜Then there's the time difference and different meetings at different times.

'˜That's not there with ourselves '“ decisions and feedback about where we're going is there quite instantly, which is good.

'˜Maybe it's frustrating to have foreign owners and only being able to get them at certain times.

'˜There's clear lines of communication and quick communication here, though, and the backing to run the club how we see it.'