Martin's Portsmouth 'H Bombs' team looks a winning one

Following on from Pompey’s V team, P team and W team, we have a few more same-letter line-ups this week.

Thursday, 21st February 2019, 5:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 6:39 pm
Hermann Hreidarsson applauds Martin Fish's choice of player manager / Picture by Joe Pepler

This, in case you missed it, was inspired by the discovery that the arrival at Fratton of James Vaughan gave the Blues just enough players from their entire history to form a starting XI plus one sub comprising exclusively of men with surnames starting with V.

Note to younger readers: Teams did used to be allowed only one sub, and it was a perfectly adequate number thank you very much.

Last week we had Ant Coombes’ P team and Martin Fish’s W team and Mr Fish is back in touch this week with probably the best one-letter line-up yet.

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It is: Hislop; Hiley, Hand, Howe, Hreidarsson; Peter Harris, Horne, Harry Harris, Hilaire; Hateley, Haines. Subs: Henderson, Harper, Hemmerman, Hiron, Hall, Huseklepp, Hillier.

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An impressive contributor to this latest theme is Andi Saunders, who sent me teams for no fewer than 13 letters of the alphabet.

The best one, in this week of all weeks, is the one that includes the late, great Mick Kennedy: A Knight, C Kamara, B Kristensen, O Koroman, N Kyzeridis, M Kennedy, M Kuhl, B Kellard, N Kranjcar, A Karadas, D Kemp; M Kelly.

I also liked Andi’s M team – particularly a mighily magnificent midfield: J Milkins, J McLaughlin, M Manley, G Maguire, M Mills, P Mendes, S Muntari, A McLaughlin, P Merson, B Mwaruwari, A McCann.

Finally, for now, from Andi, the S team: P Srnicek, K Swain, D Stefanovic, K Symons, L Sandford, S Stone, T Sherwood, F Simpson, T Sheringham, M Svensson, A Smertin.

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