MP pleads with Football League over Pompey points deduction

Mike Hancock has urged the Football League to enforce Pompey's points deduction this season.

Friday, 8th March 2013, 7:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:17 pm
Mike Hancock has written to the Football League to ask for Pompey's point deduction to be placed this season

The Portsmouth South MP has this week written a letter to League chairman Greg Clarke in an attempt to banish fears that the punishment could be carried into the Blues’ campaign next term.

Back in July, the Football League stipulated Pompey would be deducted 10 points once they come out of administration.

However, with the court case over the value of Fratton Park taking place on April 10 or 11, time is running out to exit administration before the end of the season.

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It has raised concerns the Blues could start the following campaign – likely to be in League Two – with minus-10 points.

Clarke heads the eight-man board who will take that decision. And Hancock has written to him calling for the points to come off during this campaign.

Hancock wrote: ‘Fans of the club, myself included, are extremely worried that the club is being dragged deeper down the Football League and the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming increasingly harder to see.

‘Portsmouth’s local paper reported that a 10-point penalty relating to an unsatisfactory CVA is to be imposed – but only once the club comes out of administration.

‘We are running out of time for this to happen in this campaign, however.

‘The court case between the administrators and Portpin over the valuation of Fratton Park has been fixed for April 10th/11th and by that time – less than three weeks from the end of the season – Portsmouth’s fate is likely to have been decided.

‘I understand that the League consider taking points away from an already-relegated side to not be punishment and this makes it likely the deduction will be enforced in the following campaign.

‘I would urge you to think of the effect this will have on the fans of the club as ultimately it is they who are being punished for the way the club has been run.

‘Let the decision stand for this season and let the club start again from next season with a clean slate. It’s about time you stood up for football fans and fans of our historic club.’

Earlier this week the Football League declined to clarify the points situation to The News.