Naismith: Critics will not get to me

Kal Naismith rounded on his critics as he vowed to keep the knockers at arm's length.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 20th January 2018, 6:01 am
Kal Naismith. Picture: Joe Pepler
Kal Naismith. Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey’s attacking talent hit back at the social-media trolls as he told of being invigorated working under Kenny Jackett.

Naismith revealed how he’s taken steps to keep himself away from criticism and abuse by removing himself from Twitter.

The 25-year-old has found both his ability and attitude questioned in periods when he has found first-team action hard to come by.

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That’s despite his seven goals in the final nine games last season playing a crucial role in delivering the League Two title to Fratton Park.

Naismith is adamant he is not going to let negative energy into his life.

He said: ‘There’s always that thing, where (people say) he’s not playing so he’s got a bad attitude. I’m used to that now.

‘There’s also the “he’s not playing so he can’t be good enough”. That’s football and there will always be opinions but I’m fine with it.

‘I’m not on Twitter anymore because I thought that was where most of the negativity was. So I try not to give people the chance to bring negativity into my life.

‘I must say there was lot of positivity as well on Twitter. A lot, especially from our fans.

‘But you do get that thing where you hear a lot of people saying “he’s not playing so he’s not good enough”.

‘Well, those people were obviously forgetting a couple of months beforehand I was a massive part of taking the club up!

‘Now I’m being told I’m not good enough for League One. Okay!

‘There’s a lot of bandwagons, too. Someone says something and people jump on it, saying it must be true.

‘You do get a lot of that kind of thing but you do take it with a pinch of salt.

‘The positivity you get from people on Twitter is a boost but sometimes you are giving people a free shot to be negative and say negative things.

‘They love to do and say those things. People will look and see I haven’t played and get a boost off it.

‘They’ll say “he thinks he’s brilliant” but that’s life.

‘Everyone has to deal with those kinds of things – and I have my way of dealing with it. I just try to keep the negativity as far away as possible.’

Naismith made his full return against Scunthorpe last week after recovering from injury.

The Scottish talent was on a run of five starts on the bounce before a knee injury struck against Plymouth at the end of November.

After finding playing time hard to come by, Naismith spoke of how he’s enjoying life under Jackett.

He said: ‘I’m in a lot better place.

‘I’m getting my chance and playing. And if I’m not playing I’m right in and about it.

‘Before there were some matches where I wasn’t coming on. The manager was weighing up his options but I have a great relationship with him.

‘I’m happy at the minute.’