No plans for Pompey budget increase - fans react

Pompey fans have come out in force to share their opinions on the club's budget for next season.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 10:55 am
Updated Friday, 16th March 2018, 12:05 pm
Pompey chairman Michael Eisner

Yesterday, Blues manager Kenny Jackett told The News that he anticipates operating with his existing playing budget next season.

It is understood Pompey’s budget was increased to £3.1m following promotion from League Two.

Reaction to such news has been mixed from those who have taken to our Facebook page Portsmouth FC - The News and

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Pompey chairman Michael Eisner

Here's a balanced collection of those opinions offered up by fans...

Dan Lacey ·

Investing enough money in the squad to remain competitive would be all that anyone would expect.

We are not competitive at the moment, and that is because our squad is under-resourced and fielding inexperienced players.

Pompey chairman Michael Eisner

Adam White

Eisners said they are not throwing mad money to the team, and we are doing fine, a mid-table team.

We're here for the long run. A few seasons time the budget will increase and we will get stronger and we will be a stable club!

It's all about financial stability and not going bust again!!

Janet Tucker ·

I have no problem with the budget. I do have a problem with out current manager spending the budget wisely.

Anthony Knight

Oh well... for next season's performances look no further than this season's performances... except expect a relegation battle.. if we’re still a league 1 club after this season lol

Mike Hill ·

The Eisners appear to be running the club in exactly the way they said they would before they took it over.

I seem to recall the enthusiasm and support they received when they did present their vision and explained their plans.

I am sure many people assumed that because they were billionaires, and from the USA, into the bargain, they'd really be throwing mountains of cash at the club in the style of other foreign owners.

Now it appears that they intend to do exactly what they promised they'd do, and to be here for the long term, and to run the club sensibly, within its means, and to build slowly, at all levels, which to me at least, would appear to be good sound practice.

Davey Dee

I believe that any manager with a backbone who has the same ambitions as the Fratton Faithful would insist that the board back him financially so as not to finish up with "mickey mouse" players.

Robin Fisher

I would be disappointed if the playing budget was not going to be significantly higher next season.

I know the new owners said that they would not throw 'silly money' at the team but I would hope they could find 'sensible money' to fund the team.

I would hope that the budget would be in keeping with a club of our standing and size.

We have the stand-out supporter base in this league, more of a stand-out than Bradford where their high support is superficial.

We should be aiming to be at the top of the league in both position and fiscally with the support we attract.

I do agree that a more prudent approach is the sensible way to go but we are bigger than almost all clubs in this division so we should be able to at least compete with clubs much smaller than ours.

If these smaller clubs are self generated financially we should be able to compete by 'out generating' them.

Glenn Jaume

Makes sense to invest in the infrastructure and long term future of the club.

Promotion to the Championship doesn't make a huge difference to the club's income (but costs a lot more to be competitive) but a better training ground, stadium etc etc will pay us back over decades.

Throwing another million on a player could be great, but could also just be a waste of cash (Signings across most clubs are usually 50/50 in making a difference).

I think most likely scenario is Clarke is sold for a few million and we reinvest that in a couple of better attacking players on top of the squad Jackett will build.

Also another year of experience for our youngsters. Patience.

Darren Cook

They'll have to spend absolutely millions when we get promoted next season then.... That's the 'plan' isn't it?