Gosport need community help after bad weather hits hard

Gosport Borough have been hit hard by the weather
Gosport Borough have been hit hard by the weather
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Gosport Borough chairman Mark Hook is appealing for help from the community after storms severely damaged their clubhouse on Christmas Eve.

As strong winds hit the area, the roof was ripped off, causing lots of damage inside the building.

‘The ceiling has come down behind the bar, the carpet is soaking wet, the electrics ruined and the dance floor is shot,’ said Hook.

‘We’ve got a function on tonight, a game today, a New Year’s Eve do and a game on New Year’s Day

‘I have to say a big thank you to all the people who came out on Christmas Eve and helped secure the building.

‘By the time we left, late in the day, a temporary roof was in place and we had got a lot of equipment in.

‘We had dehumidifiers and carpet cleaners in and on Boxing Day another work party went in to clean away debris and dry the furniture.

‘It couldn’t have happened at a worst time because the clubhouse is very busy at this time of year.

‘People forget how much our facilities are used by groups in the local community on a day-to-day basis.

‘It is a terrific community asset and I am delighted that so many people have helped us out.

‘The people who have come in, though, have done a magnificent job.

‘There is still a lot to do and of course we would be grateful to anyone who might be able to support us.

‘Replacing the roof isn’t difficult but having to repair and replace all the damage inside will be costly.’

‘This is devastating for the club and we will need to raise thousands of pounds.

‘We have checked our insurances and believe we are not covered for this type of damage and would ask for any financial help from the community.’

Borough insist all functions and matches will go ahead as planned.

After hosting Basingstoke Town today Alex Pike’s team face Hawks at home on New Year’s Day.