Pike and Brown in Privett talks

Gosport Borough midfielder Jamie Brown
Gosport Borough midfielder Jamie Brown
Rowan Vine. Picture: Keith Woodland

Vine calling for Gosport to fight to the finish

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BOSS Alex Pike and Jamie Brown are set for showdown talks after the club captain’s criticism of Gosport Borough’s pre-season trip to Guernsey.

The Privett Park skipper took to Twitter to post pictures and comments of what turned out to be an impromptu camping trip which looked more like players sleeping rough.

Borough’s accommodation was cancelled when the hotel they were due to stay in was closed down at short notice.

With other avenues explored and unavailable, the squad had to make do with a one-night stay on an adjacent field to the Guernsey ground after their 6-1 victory – although the clubhouse and facilities were kept open.

But while eight-man tents had been arranged, those were also unexpectedly made unavailable the day before the squad travelled via ferry to the Channel Islands.

Pike, who had organised a hotel room independently several weeks ago, flew over to be back in time for a prior social engagement on the Saturday.

Brown also took it upon himself to arrange his own flight to be able to work on the day of the game in his job as a carpenter.

Most of the rest of the squad were able to arrange their own tents, while some decided not to bother and made do with the changing rooms or the clubhouse.

But Brown felt the organisation left a lot to be desired for a club that is just two promotions away from the Football League – and made his feelings known with pictures and comments, accusing the club of a lack of respect.

While he insists he wasn’t angry, he stands by his opinions.

Brown said: ‘I wasn’t angry about it. I had a quality night out with the lads and I put some pictures on Twitter.

‘I wouldn’t change it. I haven’t done anything wrong – I was just stating a fact.

‘I got asked if we were okay with going camping. I didn’t mind but I was under the impression that we would be on an actual camp site.

‘It wasn’t a camp site and some of us didn’t have tents. Then we didn’t have any food organised before we played a game and we had to go off and pay for it.

‘But I haven’t slagged anyone off. I just wanted things to be more professional.

‘We’re a new club at this level and from what I am used to, it’s very different.

‘All the lads had a laugh and came away smiling because that’s what we’re like.

‘But I’ve been at clubs where the lads wouldn’t even turn up if things had been arranged like that.

‘I think it takes the lads for granted. I think they should have bit more respect.’

Pike has indicated that Brown will face some sort of disciplinary action.

The Borough boss said: ‘I am old-fashioned and I deal with people face-to-face.

‘The first opportunity to see Jamie Brown will be at training tonight.

‘I’m still investigating the complaints that were aired on social media.

‘After I have spoken to a few people and I will be speaking to Jamie to get his side of the story, I will take it from there.

‘There are loads of options on what could happen.

‘There are two ends of it. One end is where everything is forgotten and you get on with it, or the other is that the player and the club part company.

‘I have learnt not to fly off the handle. It’s best to take a step back and speak to people to make a balanced opinion.

‘I will defend anyone’s right to free speech, but there are lines of communication and the first one should be to the manager or the assistant manager.’

Brown, meanwhile, admitted he does not know what to expect at the meeting.

He said: ‘I’ve got a big mouth and sometimes I say things I shouldn’t. But sometimes, things need to be said.

‘I will probably get reprimanded but I will take whatever punishment I have to take. Hopefully, we will have a civilised conversation.

‘I’ve been accused of being snide and going behind the club’s back but I haven’t hidden anything.

‘I don’t want to leave the club, but if the manager thinks he can’t trust me, then I have to take that.’