Pitch nightmare hits again for helpless Hawks

Troublesome West Leigh Park
Troublesome West Leigh Park
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The Hawks’ pitch nightmare continued with the loss of a third 0o-consecutive home game to the weather.

The Dartford game was called off early Saturday morning after overnight rains left areas of the pitch saturated.

The collapsed drain underneath the pitch is causing the club insurmountable problems and derailing their play-off ambitions.

With just two months of the season remaining, the Hawks still have 18 games left to play and that is bound to stretch resources to the limit.

Exasperated boss Shaun Gale said: ‘It is beyond a nightmare now and becoming ridiculous.

‘We have worked hard on the pitch all week but it was still wet in areas on Friday.

‘The overnight rains then killed it, leaving areas of the pitch like a swamp.

‘There is nothing we can do about it and we have to remain upbeat.

‘The important thing is to remain focused and try not to let it affect what we do too much.

‘When we do go out there and play, we have to put in a professional performance and keep doing the right things.

‘It isn’t easy, though, and I have never known a situation like it.

‘The situation presents us with a massive challenge and we have to be up for it.’

The latest loss of home revenue is a further financial blow to the club, who will have gone three weeks without a home game by the time they host Bromley next weekend.

Gale’s biggest problem, though, is the pile-up of fixtures which will see his team playing at least twice a week for the rest of the season.

‘We are not full-time and my players also have to go to work,’ said Gale.

‘A lack of training facilities is also a problem because it means we have not been able to work on things.

‘We are determined not to use the situation as an excuse, though.

‘The bottom line is that if we win all our games in hand we will only be three points behind the fifth-placed team.

‘It is going to be a huge challenge, mentally and physically. We saw last season, though, that once you start winning games you pick up your own momentum.’

Gale will be hoping that win can materialise at Maidenhead United tomorrow night.