Poulton: Time was right to walk away

Hayling boss Steve Poulton, right
Hayling boss Steve Poulton, right
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The search is on for a new manager at Hayling United following the resignation of Steve Poulton.

After meeting with club chairman Ian Gollop this week, Poulton felt the time was right to walk away from the Humbugs.

In his 18 months in charge, Poulton succeeded in keeping Hayling in the Wessex League premier division, but felt a third attempt would prove too demanding.

‘It is a tough call and I made the decision with a heavy heart,’ said Poulton.

‘It is my local club and I would dearly love to see them succeed.

‘But because of our lack of resources, it has to be the toughest job in the Wessex premier.

‘The club struggles financially, and because our facilities are in a school, that makes it difficult to take the club forward.

‘There is a lot we would like to achieve but can’t because of our situation.

‘I sat down with the chairman and outlined the basic requirements needed for next season and he was honest enough to admit that they would find them difficult to provide.

‘We need somewhere to train, new kit, equipment and maybe player travel expenses for away games.

‘The club would love to provide these but admitted, financially, it would be a struggle. I felt, under the circumstances, I might find it difficult to maintain my motivation in the face of such problems.’

Poulton said the time was right for somebody else to take control.

‘The club face another uphill struggle next season and I felt I couldn’t devote the time required to make it work.

‘We did well to keep the club at the top level in the most difficult of circumstances but now the time is right for someone else to come in and have a go.

‘There are a number of people putting in a lot of hard work at the club but it needs the people of Hayling to come out and get behind them.’

Anyone interested in applying for the role of Hayling United boss is asked to e-mail chairman Gollop at igollop@yahoo.co.uk