Pompey fans react to Catlin's calm over Eisa pursuit

Kenny Jackett's pursuit of Mo Eisa continues to create debate among the Fratton faithful.

Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 4:06 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 5:13 pm
Pompey target Mo Eisa in action against West Ham last season. Picture: Andrew Matthews

Here's a selection of views from portsmouth.co.uk and The News' Pompey Facebook page


Trevor Osgood

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Pompey target Mo Eisa in action against West Ham last season. Picture: Andrew Matthews

If Eisa comes at that figure no doubt his agent will demand a high salary. What will that do for morale in the team? Pitman stated he took a pay cut to come here and was top scorer last season. Will he demand more cash and would that create a snowball effect, then putting the playing budget at risk? Could be a tricky one to keep everyone happy and the team as one.


Peter Purdy

I like our laid-back approach, it feels good to know we don't have to sell, and what will be will be. Personally I'd prefer to see Anton Walkes over the line (excuse the pun!), he impressed me last season and I've no doubt KJ will sort it out.


Steve Burghard

If Chaplin out scores Eisa I will be amazed. Looking at the video of Eisa's goals, he appears to possess way more talent in front of goal than Chaplin will ever have. And, before anyone says "Oh well, those goals were against League Two opposition", I might point out, Chaplin has faced League Two opposition recently and I don't recall him finishing quite like Eisa! Eisa's style '“ especially the goals from tight angles '“ is more reminiscent of how Lowe plays.


John Ellerton

Chaplin would never have scored a lot of those goals because of the simple fact that he is not big enough or not powerful enough.


Edward Walton

Wouldn't be great if Conor stays with us, he ends up out scoring Mo if he ends up playing for Sunderland. Be interesting if Mo settles up north as he is a London boy and would have been more at home with us!


Philip Butler

I think it's time to put up or shut up on this story. If you want him pay the money great, if you don't stop then going on about the player and extend Chaplin's contract


Cath Absolom

Perhaps it's a case of reverse psychology to keep the players on their toes. A couple of weeks ago, KJ publicly told Conor he needed to up his game and contribute more goals. It's certainly had the desired effect!. So long may that continue!. As our other two front men, Hawkins & Pitman haven't scored yet.

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