Pompey fans react: Sensible approach will pay off for Eisner

Pompey fans are excited about a bright future ahead under new owner Michael Eisner...

Thursday, 3rd August 2017, 9:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:06 pm
Michael Eisner. Picture: Habibur Rahman

Sensible words from Eisner no doubt well received – by most anyway. Let’s get the party started this weekend and rock the park. Over to you Kenny! PUP.

Kenny Jacketts Coat

Great to hear. If I were Eisner though I’d want to sanction one or 2 top players at this level to make a statement of intent. Not massive money but a CM that Jackett is after perhaps

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Eisner is talking a lot of sense. His sensible approach will pay off and with his experience and contacts the club will soon be benefiting from a much bigger commercial operation I’m sure.

dandy man can

Please this time can we see the steady and growing investment in the ground and training facilities first, only then can the club ground its roots in the premiership


Excellent news! A warm welcome to the Eisner family to our fantastic club! We’re on our way back


A real business man for the moment. We are on our way back - Welcome Mr Eisner


Magnificent effort by everyone these last four years, all can be very proud of their legacy.

Welcome aboard to the Eisner family, good luck on Saturday King Kenny and the lads. Feeling positive. PuP


Promising times ahead hopefully. Do I want an instant return to the Premier League.....no. I want the club to have solid foundations, and an academy to be proud of.

We have owners that are respected with good business sense. To all who contributed in anyway to saving the club, well done to you all. Roll on 3pm Saturday and PUP!!

Blue shoes II

A very happy welcome to the Eisner family and the Tornante Group. May your stewardship be successful long into the future.

Best for Pompey

This is great news for us and especially good Mark Catlin is staying, he is a top chief executive and a great ambassador for the club.