Pompey reaction: Smith to start against Luton causes a stir

Pompey fans have been out in force to voice their opinions after Paul Cook announced yesterday that Michael Smith would start tonight's game with Luton.

Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 1:06 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 1:59 pm
Michael Smith enjoys his goal against Cheltenham

The Blues boss revealed the former Swindon front man would lead the line against the Hatters – and that he had made the decision even before the suspended Conor Chaplin picked up his fifth yellow card of the season against Cheltenham on Saturday.

The news has been met with mixed reviews, with fans flocking to our website, portsmouth.co.uk, to express their thoughts.

Here’s a selection of those opinions offered...

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Chainrai and AA Out

Oh well, there goes any chance of 3 points. Well done Cook.


It should be Hunt replacing Chaplin.


To be honest, watching chaplin for the past few games, I do agree he needs a rest for a game or 2. He’s done well, but he’s barely out of school and he needs some others stepping up to take on some of the burden. we need to nurture his talent properly.

It’s between smith and hunt. I would have chosen hunt, due to his good positioning and class on the ball. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Smith bagging a couple finally.

George Spain

Yes agree change Connor give him a rest but PLEASE not Smith.


Cook playing Smith up front and aided by a struggling defence should not worry the in form Luton, probably they will be feeling quite confident.

Taunton blue

What has Hunt to do to get a start over the usually ineffective Smith.? Have Smith on the bench, but in the starting XI leading the attack really. For my money Hunt is the automatic choice to start as in my opinion he’s by far the better all round striker.


Maybe we should all be calling for smith to play then Cook might play Hunt.

Northsea Blue

If ever there was a time to play Smith it’s now. Straight after scoring and being the game saver he must be full of confidence.


Based on the high balls we were playing at Cheltenham, I think Smith is the right choice if he uses that height of his. I would much prefer to keep the ball on the floor, play Hunt and whip fast low crosses in.

El Nino

How about playing Smith AND Hunt?

Blue Walter

I must admit that Pompey playing with one up front doesn’t fill me with optimism, and if that player happens to be Smith then I have even less. Having said that Pompey are playing a decent and in form team which I think is a game they could win if it comes down to a football match. As I have said I don’t like playing with just the one striker but for away matches against good teams it is probably not such a bad thing. Against the lower teams I think we should approach the game going for goals but, in this instance, the possession football could frustrate the home team and maybe Smith might have learned something from watching from the stands.