Pompey unveil cut-price ticket deals

Pompey have announced cut-price half-season ticket deals to get the fans flooding back to Fratton Park.

Tuesday, 15th November 2011, 9:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:26 pm

The Blues’ attendances have dipped this season.

They are currently averaging 13,697 after eight home league games.

That is 2,010 down on last season’s average.

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Now, owners Convers Sports Initiatives (CSI) have today unveiled their pricing for half-season tickets.

It is the first time they have been able to influence ticket costs since taking power.

The result is some half-season tickets costing £175 for an adult when they officially go on sale tomorrow.

That works out at £14.59 per match, for the 12 games left.

Compared to this year’s full-price season tickets costing £499, it represents a massive saving.

That is partly because big home fixtures against the likes of Southampton, Brighton and Reading will have already been played.

A new under-12 price band has also been introduced.

It means youngsters can sit in the wings of the upper north and south stands for £3.25 per game. CSI’s predecessors set this year’s season ticket and match-day pricing, which has prompted heavy criticism from many Blues fans.

As it stands, the average attendance in the Championship is 17,357. Pompey average 3,660 less than that figure.

Now CSI – who arrived at the club on June 1 – have acted.

And chief executive David Lampitt is hopeful the deals will prove attractive to fans.

The half-price season tickets go on general sale tomorrow, with credit cards accepted.

These will kick in from January 2, when Watford are the visitors.

An adult in the Fratton end can expect to pay £199 – that works out at £16.59 per match.

Concessions are £139, while under-17s are £69.

For the newly-created under-12 category, the cost is £49 –that is £4.09 per game spread over 12 home matches.

A new pricing structure has also been introduced to solve the problem of filling wing sections of the ground.

The club often has trouble selling out blocks A and D of the upper south stand and E and G of the upper north.

Now those seats are priced at even less than other sections of the ground, meaning adults can pay £175 for half-season tickets in those areas.

What’s more, those who take up the offer have priority on a season ticket for the same seat the following season.

In addition, under-12s will be charged £39 – effectively £3.25 per match.

Pompey have also introduced a child-for-£2 scheme.

This will be available to all season ticket and half-season ticket holders for the games against Burnley, Hull, Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace.

Where seats are not available next to the ticket holder, fans will be relocated to the Milton end as a group.

The deal classifies under-17s as a ‘child’, with no restriction on how many can be brought along.

Pompey hope the initiatives will bring fans back to Fratton.

And it is the first positive step from CSI in the area of match-day pricing which has proven so controversial this year.