1,000 new pledges needed in next two weeks to save Pompey Supporters Trust bid for club

APPEAL Pompey Supporters' Trust chairman Ashley Brown
APPEAL Pompey Supporters' Trust chairman Ashley Brown
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THE BOARD of the Pompey Supporters Trust say they need one thousands new pledges to save the football club.

The trust is in the final stages of bid preparation for a community buy-out bid for Portsmouth Football Club from the 15th May. The trust though still need supporters to complete their pledges prior to that date.

The PST say initial interest in the Pre-Share offer has been strong, but more pledges are needed in the coming 14 days in order to submit a formal bid. If 1,000 more pledges from fans are received by the 15th May then that will confirm our bid as achievable.

The Pre-Share offer was launched on March 30 and designed to see if sufficient funds could be raised from fans and local businesses to mount a sustainable and viable bid for Pompey.

Twelve Pompey players have already supported the PST plans with investment pledges.

The PST has also had significant interest from donors wishing to invest sums significantly in advance of £1,000, and will soon announce the support of at least one major donor.

Pompey administrator Trevor Birch has made it clear that the club will run out of money in June. PST can only mount a credible community buy-out bid if it has enough funds to do so.

The next 14 days will determine whether the goodwill towards a community buyout can be translated into a bid for the club. If enough pledges are received to mount a bid, PST will present it to investors and members as soon as possible, and before any bid is agreed and submitted.

PST Chairman Ashley Brown said: ‘We have had great support from players and fans alike, but need more support if we are to mount a viable bid for the club. The next 14 days will be crucial. If enough money comes in to make a bid viable, we will present our plans to investors and members for their approval before we go forth and submit a bid.

‘Our precise targets are confidential - and we are sure fans will understand that as we go into a bidding process. We will share as much information as we can, and will not proceed without the approval of our investors and members.

‘It is now or never for the PST bid - and we urge fans who are considering joining us to contact us, talk to us, and pledge. Time is running out for Pompey, and we are doing everything we can to save our beloved football club ‘

For further info go to communitypompey.co.uk