Accrington P Pompey P: Gaffer for day

Pompey fans. Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey fans. Picture: Joe Pepler
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Dan Knight, 26, from Worthing, gives his verdict after a frustrating weekend for Pompey fans

So that was a waste of time then.

We got to Warwick services for a Burger King breakfast when at 9.33, we saw on Twitter there was going to be a pitch inspection.

Then it came through it had been called off to leave us without a match to go to.

The same thing happened against Hartlepool a few years back, at the same services!

Makes you wonder why Accrington couldn’t have handled the whole thing better.

Surely the pitch would have looked just as unplayable at 7am? Why couldn’t they have warned us the game was in doubt?

There seems to be a fair bit of anger directed towards Accrington over this.

I am not stupid, I understand they had no control over the weather, that is not the point here.

When I saw pictures of the pitch on their Twitter account it appeared frosty and frozen.

It didn’t even look 50/50 for getting the game on.

Let’s face it, the weather was never going to suddenly warm up for the match to go ahead so why couldn’t they have warned us at 7am or 8am?

They would have known first thing the game was in doubt, even before the referee inspected, so we should have been told.

As soon as the sunrise came up and they removed the covers, the fans had to be warned the game may be off. Instead they didn’t say a word until 30 minutes before it was cancelled.

Done differently and many of us may have been an hour into our journey when the match was called off – instead a lot of fans were at Preston and Crewe.

All that travelling for nothing then.

You think about the petrol money spent, while myself and dad, Dave, had both booked days off work!

I work as security at Brighton train station.

While my dad is a train driver, so we had to plan this in advance.

When Brighton are at home we cannot get the weekend off, but on Saturday they were away at Blackburn Rovers.

Still, we will definitely book more time off to go to the away game, even if it is most likely going to be midweek!

As it was, we decided to pop to Leicester on the way back and see my brother Tom.

We were not there that long really, just walked around the town centre for a bit.

If we had got further up north perhaps we could have watched the Blackburn game, while Wigan were also at home.

But I wasn’t keen to pay to watch a game for the sake of it.

Cheering on West Bromwich Albion at Southampton was also considered, but that was too far to come back for.

A weekend without football, depressing isn’t it.

Definitely, especially as Accrington had the makings of a good match. We would have been up against a team in decent form and also challenging for promotion.

Josh Windass would have been missing through injury as well, so it was a great time to play them. He will probably be fit for the rearranged game.