Administrator says Pompey fans have a ‘real opportunity’ for bid

SUPPORT Fans could be in with a chance to buy Pompey
SUPPORT Fans could be in with a chance to buy Pompey
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Pompey boss encouraged by ‘good options’

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POMPEY supporters are preparing to make a bid for a financial stake in the club after the new administrator voiced his support.

Trevor Birch revealed that fan involvement was ‘definitely an option’ following a private meeting on Monday with the chairman of the Pompey Supporters’ Trust.

It comes as the trust surveys supporters to see how much they could contribute towards a bid.

Mr Birch, who will host a fans’ forum at Fratton Park tonight, said: ‘We are going to speak to them and I think that has to be looked at as a real opportunity.

‘Maybe there is a mood to say that if the Supporters’ Trust owns the club then there is a sense of renewal and a new start.

‘That could be potentially attractive to people.

‘You can have a mega benefactor – but then we have seen how unstable that model is and certainly has been at this football club.’

He said the Fratton Park crowd could also entice potential investors.

‘If you are going to buy a football club then Portsmouth I think would be one of the clubs you would look at,’ he said.

‘If they came on Saturday against Leeds hopefully it is going to be a super atmosphere and it can influence people. The fans have a big part to play in that.

‘Nobody has come forward yet. There are people I am aware of who are interested, but have not yet had meetings with them.

‘There will be somebody, I am sure, just by the very nature of football and this football club. People will be interested.’

Trust chairman Ashley Brown said they were finally in a position to find out what would be needed for a serious bid and confirmed they are talking to a number of wealthy people who could back them.

‘We spent weeks trying to get any information at all out of the last administrators,’ he said.

‘Mr Birch met us on his first full day in the job, which shows a plain difference.’

The Pompey Supporters’ Trust has contacted around 5,000 people signed up to the pompeys12thman website to ask them what level of involvement in the club’s future they think fans should have – and how much they would be willing to donate towards community ownership.

Trust spokesman Scott Mclachlan said they were hoping to receive around 1,500 responses to the survey.

‘If we can get that many people to respond then we can get an idea of how many fans want to get involved,’ he said.

Conservative city councillor and Pompey fan Steve Wemyss said he would put in £1,000 and called on all supporters who could afford it to ‘stand up and be counted’.

Tonight, fans groups will meet Mr Birch to ask questions at the Victory Lounge in Fratton Park at 7pm.