Alan Knight column: Tunnel trouble used to be common

Mick Kennedy
Mick Kennedy
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There was a bit of controversy in the win at Cambridge United at the weekend and it brought back a few memories.

I played alongside Richard Money when he was at Pompey. He had been at Liverpool prior to joining us and was a very skilful and elegant player, but had a few problems with injuries.

He wasn’t particularly moody when he was a player, but he is obviously under a lot of pressure there.

I can’t say we are big buddies, but when we do meet we exchange pleasantries.

He had a go at us and I think that lacked a bit of class, but you can forgive that because he is under pressure.

The incident that saw their lad eventually sent off was handbags, really.

And there were a few suggestions that it went off in the tunnel at half-time.

It used to go off in the tunnel quite often – we had loads down the years.

We had an incident in the mid-80s, when Glenn Keeley of Blackburn took Paul Wood out and it all kicked off in the tunnel at half-time.

The usual suspects were all involved – Micky Kennedy, Billy Gilbert, Micky Tait, Noel Blake.

The fists and boots were flying before people were trying to break it up.

The referee went into his little room and just let them get on with it.

Things were a bit different in those days!

I had an idea it might go off so I had a slow stroll to the tunnel, and by the time I got there it had all finished.

I definitely remember there were a few tackles flying around in the second half.

It’s no big deal – it used to happen all the time.

We had a few issues with Blackburn, Millwall and Wimbledon – there always seemed to be a ruck going on between us and them.

It was all part of the fun.

I didn’t agree with Richard saying that we ‘did a number on them’ though. They did a number on themselves.

They were 1-0 up so why their lad had to get involved, I have no idea.

It was a good win and a couple of goals for Matt Tubbs will do his confidence the world of good.

Away from the football, I will be presenting certificates to kids at three schools in Gosport – St Mary’s, Alverstoke Juniors and Grange Juniors – this week as part of the Move & Learn project.

Finally, thanks to sponsors World of Cars, who have donated a car for the club’s media department to use for away games.

It’s a nice BMW X3 and saves my old Ford Mondeo from clocking up the miles.

The driver won’t change, though, as my colleagues sit back and enjoy the ride...