Albie set to break new ground

Leigh Medway and Albie Higgon of Victory ABC in Stubbington
Leigh Medway and Albie Higgon of Victory ABC in Stubbington
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Albie Higgon is all set for a groundbreaking boxing voyage to the Philippines.

The emerging Victory ABC talent will be part of a team set for a noble art trip of a lifetime to south east Asia.

The team have been invited to the famous ALA Gym to take part in a training camp and open air show. It is thought the visit could be the first of its kind in amateur boxing.

It certainly represents a hugely exciting prospect for ABA Schoolboys finalist Higgon.

He will be joined by Southampton’s Schoolboys and Three Nations champ Ryan Garner and Eastleigh’s Harry Limburn.

The visit is sure to be an education for Higgon, with the 14-year-old making sound strides in the amateur ranks.

And it could prove a culture shock, with it being the talent’s first trip abroad.

The plan is for the group to undertake a tough week’s training in high humidity before boxing outdoors at a local shopping mall.

Higgon’s coach Leigh Medway believes it’s an exciting opportunity few people will get to sample.

Medway said: ‘It’s something a little different and out of left-field.

‘But it will do these lads good to be taken out of their comfort zone and it’s exactly the right type of environment to inspire and bring out the best in them.

‘This trip has taken a great deal of organising and fundraising, but it’s so important to keep these lads motivated and positive about the sport that they work so hard at.

‘I regard it as one of my functions as Albie’s coach to motivate and encourage him, not only so he stays committed to the sport but so he wants to keep improving and doesn’t rest on his laurels.

‘Every opponent is a hard match at this level. It will be a very hard week training in high temperatures and humidity of more than 80 per cent.

‘I doubt any amateur boxer from the UK has competed in the Philippines before.

‘At the end of the week, the boys can take on a Filipino opponent. It will be a unique experience for them – and us coaches!

Higgon’s success in recent seasons represents a highlight for Victory.

The Stubbington-based club are the only local outfit to focus solely on junior boxers.

Medway said: ‘The kids that train with us, and their parents, can be confident that the youngsters are working within a suitable environment and within their peer group.’

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