Appy: I want to hear from Football League

Michael Appleton
Michael Appleton
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Adam May. Picture: Mark Robinson

Pompey boss: Youngster can prove critics wrong

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POMPEY’s boss has urged the Football League to clarify his squad options after the Blues lodged their intention to go into administration.

Michael Appleton wants to know whether he will be able to keep a competitive outfit to fight for the club’s place in the Championship.

Pompey chief executive David Lampitt

Pompey chief executive David Lampitt

Appleton currently has 18 senior players in his first-team options. The League ensured Pompey had 20 players in their squad when they were last in administration in 2010.

That was in an effort not to compromise the Championship’s integrity as a competition.

However, with Appleton not allowed to bring in new faces in recent weeks unless current players are moved on, he has called on League bosses to explain whether the situation will now change.

He said: ‘I’d like someone from the Football League to pick up the phone and tell me what the deal is.

‘I’d like to know, in terms of minimum players, what the number is to give us an opportunity to compete.

‘I’ve been told by various sources it’s a minimum of 20 players to be competitive.

‘Now I’d like the League to clarify that’s a definite.

‘If that is the case, I’d be able to use a couple of contacts to get us to that minimum of 20.

‘Why have a ruling of 20 to be competitive in the first place if not?’

Meanwhile, Appleton was looking to hear from chief executive David Lampitt or Convers Sports Initiatives administrator Andrew Andronikou over the £1m parachute payment advance Pompey were granted yesterday.

He said: ‘I haven’t been told anything. I’ve not had a chance to speak to directors or administrators.

‘It’d be nice if the money was to pay staff and players.

‘I’d like to think if it was anything concrete they’d give me a heads up. I’d like to think so, anyway.’