Baker and team selection to fore as Pompey fans have say

Conor Chaplin. Pic: Joe Pepler
Conor Chaplin. Pic: Joe Pepler
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POMPEY fans have been reacting to the speculation over Carl Baker’s future and the team selection issues Kenny Jackett has been exploring. Here’s a sprinkling of views from The News’ Pompey Facebook page.

• May and Close are not the answer. We need at least one centre midfielder and a left-back by the end of the month to make us as good as last year as we are nowhere near it at the moment. Doyle was such a key player.

James Forrest

• We need Baker, he’s an experienced player and made a lot of goals through crosses last season. I think we need to look to the youth but at the moment throwing them all in like on Saturday doesn’t work.

Teresa Moor

• I think it’s down to attitude. Baker’s from Coventry. His wife’s having another baby, he’s always up there and probably wants a move closer to home. I don’t blame him but equally KJ has to think about who will replace him. He’s a good player, but if his hearts not in it then that will show.

Jane Cadman-Jones

• Got Chaplin sitting on the bench can’t even get a look in. Funny we started with Chaplin and Pitman up front against Rochdale won 2-0 got the three points then the team gets changed well done for fixing what wasn’t broken.

Gav Jones

• Play Baker week-in, week-out

Joe Parsons

• Only three games in and four points. If we finish in 13th at the end of the season I’ll be happy. Chill out everyone! KJ has to learn as much about the players as they do about him. Both will modify in time.

Jason Butcher

• Goals win games. Need goals. Hope Kal picks up and gets to where he was last season. Give Chaplin game time. Can see him moving Jan or end of season if not.

Jason Rosam

• Give Chaplin more game time and actually start him.

Sean Price

• Lowe and Kabamba to play together.

Stella Cocks

• We don’t need any other strikers, we need an attacking midfielder not two defensive midfielders who are sat in the middle passing backwards. That’s why Pitman had to come deep to collect the ball on Saturday!

Dave Birch