Ben Haim defends Pompey pay stance

Tal Ben Haim
Tal Ben Haim
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TAL BEN HAIm has claimed he lost £2m during Pompey’s last administration.

And the Israeli also insists he has taken a £30,000-a-week pay deferral in order to help the club.

The Blues have twice entered administration since Ben Haim signed in August 2009.

The latest instance has seen Trevor Birch implement a £5,000-a-week pay ceiling on the players, the wage difference being deferred.

As Pompey’s highest-paid player on around £36,000, it means Ben Haim has taken the biggest hit.

Regardless, the ex-Bolton man is Birch’s biggest headache and has demanded £2m to rip up the final year of his deal.

Yet in a Sky Sports statement, Ben Haim was adamant he was doing all he could to help.

He said: ‘When the club went into administration the first time I lost £2m net.

‘I like the club and I like the fans. The fans are the best of any club I have ever been to.

‘I am not in conversation with administrator Trevor Birch, but I know he is trying to do his best.

‘Everyone wants to save the club and my interests are the same.’

Birch confirmed the 30-year-old had taken a deferral in line with other players.

However, he has stressed all players will eventually receive their money back in full.

Birch added: ‘All the players are taking deferrals which has played its part in keeping the club alive.

‘Ben Haim’s wages have gone to £5,000-a-week, which is pretty huge.

‘It is a deferral and forms part of the football creditors’ debt any purchaser has to take over.

‘It will be repaid over a significant period of time, which is what is being worked on at the moment.

‘However, players will not get anything if the club goes into liquidation.’