Bone walks out on SOS Pompey over fan abuse

Svetoslav Todorv returned to Fratton Park along with Sol Campbell on Saturday. Picture: Joe Pepler

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SOS Pompey's spokesman has quit over abuse from a section of Blues fans.

Brendon Bone has been stung by criticism from fellow Pompey supporters during the past few days.

A peaceful demonstration organised by SOS Pompey was postponed on Friday after chief executive David Lampitt pledged to meet the action group.

That upset some Pompey followers, who were eager to vent their anger towards joint-owners Balram Chainrai and Levi Kushnir.

As a result, Bone was singled out for abuse on internet messageboards and Facebook.

That reaction prompted him to resign from SOS Pompey yesterday.

Bone had been an integral part of the fans' action group.

He said: 'The level of abuse I received after the demonstration was postponed was completely unwarranted.

'The situation was that David Lampitt wanted to sit down with SOS Pompey.

'Our overall aim was to speak to Balram Chainrai and we didn't think we could do that without going through Mr Lampitt. That decision was made between five people – yet I am the only one who has this abuse.

'Well, I am not prepared to take it any more. This is not for me any more.

'People who have never met me have had a go at me via messageboards and Facebook groups. That's not right.

'They do not realise people like me give up their own time as well as working all day to help, only to get this level of personal abuse.

'We are all fans of the same team but people want to make me a scapegoat.'