Boss hopeful friendly invasion won’t cost Blues

Pompey caretaker boss Guy Whittingham. Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey caretaker boss Guy Whittingham. Picture: Joe Pepler
Christian Burgess

Pompey fans react to Burgess decision

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Guy Whittingham is hopeful the club will not be punished by the authorities after the Pompey fans’ good-natured pitch invasion at the final whistle.

Around 200 or so of more than 1,700 travelling supporters went on to the Griffin Park pitch at the end of the 3-2 defeat to Brentford to celebrate the club’s imminent new ownership.

But while caretaker boss Whittingham understood the reasons, he has urged the supporters to stay off the pitch in future to prevent potential fines to the club or damage to the fans’ reputation.

He said: ‘Look, we appreciate everything those fans have done for us and all of the fantastic support they have given us.

‘So I would hate it if there was any reason to hand out any punishment to them for going on the pitch.

‘You don’t want to see it happen but it’s certainly not done in a violent way.

‘They just wanted to shake a few hands and pat people on the back.

‘They are celebrating what has happened at the club and I hope people appreciate that.

‘It’s about euphoria. It’s not just about the past 13 or 14 months – it’s a situation that has been there for four years and hopefully people understand that.

‘That euphoria can spill over and unfortunately, it spilled over on to the pitch.

‘Hopefully, it won’t happen again.’

Whittingham admits he doesn’t know if there will now be a fine heading Pompey’s way but Brentford could also be in trouble after a flare was thrown on to the pitch from the home fans.

He said: ‘I don’t know where that’s going to lead but in a funny way it could cost themselves some money if they own the club. Hopefully it won’t.’


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