Brian Howe is interested in taking Pompey over, admits Andronikou

Former Rotherham boss Kenny Jackett Picture: Bruce Rollinson

Pompey boss: No grudges on Rotherham return

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THERE are parties still interested in taking over Pompey, according to Andrew Andronikou.

Mr Andronikou, joint-administrator for the club’s parent company Convers Sports Initiatives (CSI), confirmed former Bad Company front man Brian Howe is one of those to have expressed an interest.

The lifelong Pompey fan confirmed his interest on his Facebook profile page.

American Sicilian businessman Joseph Cala went public with his intentions to take over the club and revealed his plans to float the club as a public company in the USA.

But Mr Andronikou said he was ‘not impressed’ by those who have gone public.

He said: ‘There are other parties. It’s only the serious parties that keep their announcements private until the deal is done.

‘It’s a terribly complicated situation but it’s not helped by parties either using the press or website to discuss desires or the process to buy the club – I’m not impressed by that.

‘The club is not a stage and the fans are not an audience.

‘In all seriousness, these parties claiming to be interested should give the club a bit of respect.

‘I am frustrated and annoyed.

‘This club employs a number of people and they are reading this on blogs and in the press.

‘They have concerns and it doesn’t help.’

He added the Christmas period hampered the progress of negotiations but confirmed he will be working to conduct discussions with potential new owners in the next few days.

‘To do due diligence with one group does take time.

‘The deals that happen are the ones that happen very quickly,’ he said.

‘There would be two or three in line, but it’s like musical chairs. One gets off and another gets on.

‘The only thing that concerns me is the time frame.

‘All parties fully know what their obligations are and the necessary working capital to do this.

‘They need to take the club forward and we need to be sure we won’t be back here four or five years down the line.

‘I hope any party who comes through will stay in the directors’ box, and act as caretakers and stewards of the club.

‘My message to the fans is to go out and support the team.’