Bristol Rovers 1 Pompey 2: All-Seeing Eye

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The trip to the Memorial Ground was the perfect away day for Pompey fans and the ALL-SEEING EYE watched it all unfold...


Paul Cook. Picture: Joe Pepler

Paul Cook. Picture: Joe Pepler

There was nearly a blow for the local media interviewing Paul Cook after Saturday’s win.

Well, actually it was a blower – a leaf blower.

A volunteer was doing his bit to clean up the rubbish on terraces with the device after the game.

The racket created by it was well in excess of any of the noise created by the home crowd throughout the game, however.

As the decibels went up, Cook became increasingly distracted as he conducted his post-match press duties.

Finally he called a stop to his interview to get the attention of the fella clad in a Rovers jersey.

‘Hey pal,’ the Scouser croaked. ‘Turn that off while I do this will you?’.

There was a pause as the man in question registered he was the focus of the Pompey boss’ attention.

‘I would have done if you’d let us win,’ came a response which had onlookers in hysterics.

The chap in question then plonked himself on his backside on the terrace while Cook gave his verdict.

The eagled-eyed among you will see his forlorn figure in the background of Cook’s video verdict at


The trip to the Memorial Ground was the perfect away day for Pompey fans.

With three wins on the road so far this season, watching their team on their travels is fun again.

But with the ticket 
allocation limited to 1,100 or so for Blues followers, they were forced to get creative with finding a way to watch the game.

So there were plenty of followers taking advantage of Bristol Rovers’ corporate facilities.

With the sun shining, beer flowing and their team going top of League Two it was the ideal afternoon on the road for the Pompey faithful.

There may have been some gripes from the home fans to contend with about some exuberant goal celebrations in the corporate section.

But who cares about that when your Saturday is topped by winning nearly £4,000 on a footie bet?

Fair to say, a fine night was had ins Bristol by Pompey fan Matt Chapman and his mates.


Step aside Hugh McIlvanney, Brian Glanville and all the great sports journalists of our time – there’s a new kid on the block.

Academy coach Mikey Harris was at Saturday’s game and he decided to step into the role of local hack for some post-match interviews.

‘That was a scuff wasn’t it?’ was his first probing effort to Jayden Stockley over his winner.

And you thought Jeremy Paxman didn’t pull his punches...


It never becomes any less amusing.

But there’s also never any less empathy from the football-watching fellas when a player takes the ball in the nether regions.

Tom Parkes was the man on the receiving end on Saturday as Ben Davies’ cross ended up where it hurts.

First came the collective laughter before some appreciative applause from fans as Parkes soldiered on – and relief they weren’t on the receiving end.


Pauline Quirke is alive, well and running an academy of performing arts in Bristol.

That was the exciting news to emerge from a trip to the Memorial Ground on Saturday.

The Birds of a Feather actress is passing on her acting skills to the next generation of talent aspiring to be on her screens.

Pompey youngster Conor Chaplin hasn’t enrolled, however, judging by his vain diving theatrics as he attempted to win a penalty on Saturday.