Carl Baker: Takeover talk is great – but we only have one focus

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, who is looking to buy Pompey
Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, who is looking to buy Pompey
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Everyone thinks we know everything that’s happening when it comes to the proposed takeover.

Believe me, we’re the last to know! And, to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ve got a job to do when it comes to sealing promotion this season, and that is, and has to be, where our focus lies at the moment.

If we were aware of everything going on surrounding Michael Eisner’s proposed takeover, that could be seen as a distraction.

Of course, the lads have a chat and are aware of his interest. We’re on Twitter and read the newspaper and website to see what’s happening.

So, we’re really the same as you the fans when it comes to being aware of the details.

There hasn’t been a load of talk about it in the dressing room really anyway because the games are so important.

That’s all that’s really on the lads’ minds.

Hopefully, we get the wins we need, go up and then we can start having a bit of banter and talking about it a bit more.

It’s interesting, though, and, if you think of where the club was four years ago, to have the interest in itself is huge and a big compliment to the people in charge.

They are clearly doing a good job for the club.

We’re doing well in the league, we’ve got a lovely training ground and we’ve got interest from a billionaire.

I’m sure that kind of talk is a lot more positive than what people were hearing four or five years ago.