Chairman thanks league over points decision

Pompey captain Brett Pitman

Revealed: Pompey's record with and without Pitman

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NEW Pompey chairman Iain McInnes has thanked the Football League for deducting 10 points from the club in the current season, rather than carrying them over.

The 10-point deduction is one of the league’s sanctions against clubs which go into administration.

Pompey was bought by the Pompey Supporters’ Trust on Friday, but there had been question marks over whether the points would be deducted this season or carried over to the next to be more of a punishment, with the Blues already relegated.

As the penalty has been allocated in the current season, Pompey will be able to begin their first campaign as a wholly fan-owned club with a clean sheet in League Two.

The new Pompey chairman said: ‘We are grateful to the league for confirming this punishment will be activated in the current season.’

In addition, the Football League will be scrutinising the club’s finances and restricting its budgets, borrowings and loan payments for the next five seasons.

Football League chairman Greg Clarke said: ‘I would like to welcome the Pompey Supporters’ Trust to the Football League and pay tribute to their efforts to save their club. They have galvanised the club’s fans and the city of Portsmouth behind their cause and ensured that it continues to have a professional football club.

‘I take my hat off to everyone involved, as it has taken significant amounts of hard work, clear thinking and resolve to achieve this outcome.’