Close encounter for Dave

Dave Kitson. Picture: Barry Zee
Dave Kitson. Picture: Barry Zee
Oli Hawkins. Picture: Joe Pepler/PinPep

Pompey striker hopes to inflict more Plymouth pain

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Alligators have been a constant talking point on the club’s pre-season trip to Charleston.

And even more so between golfers Hermann Hreidarsson and Dave Kitson as they took off for a few holes in between training sessions at a nearby course.

Kitson, a tidy golfer, had launched a ferocious drive at a par four only to discover his ball had run through the green and trickled into the water’s edge.

Not prepared to take a penalty drop in a competitive battle with his team-mate, Kitson duly removed his shoe and sock in a bid to hack out in search of an heroic recovery.

But just at the top of his back swing, the striker was distracted by a four-foot alligator brushing past his foot as it sensed some bonus dinner.

Kitson was then sent jumping around six feet into the air before deciding he didn’t want his ball back after all.

Footballers can pick up some bizarre injuries from time to time.

But having your foot chewed on by a hungry alligator would surely be up there with the best of them.

n Pompey got a taste of a different kind of sport at the weekend.

They embarked on a group trip to see a baseball game between Charleston Riverdogs and Lexington Legends.

Blues defender Greg Halford was afforded the honour of delivering the first pitch in front of the 5,000 fans for the Minor League fixture.

And the former Wolves man served up his trademark long throw-in to both amuse and bemuse the American fans in equal measure.

But the Pompey group were eager to join in with an impressive spectacle as sport met family entertainment at the Joseph P Riley Junior Park.

Boss Steve Cotterill proved he had safe hands as he caught one of the Riverdogs T-shirts that were fired into the crowd at regular intervals before handing it over to a young fan nearby.

While Blues youngster Lewis Stockford enjoyed his moment on the big screen in the ‘seventh innings stretch’ merrily dancing along to the traditional baseball anthem Take Me Out To The Ball Game.