Club is blazing a path for community ownership

SPOKESMAN Colin Farmery
SPOKESMAN Colin Farmery
Derry City winger Ronan Curtis. Picture: Lorcan Doherty/

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POMPEY are being viewed as a ‘beacon’ club by Supporters’ Direct (SD), an organisation which brings together supporters’ trusts and promotes community ownership within football.

The Pompey Supporters’ Trust has been working closely with SD on its bid, giving it support and help getting its message out locally.

Pompey has a familiar face at SD, with former Pompey chief executive David Lampitt being in charge.

Trust spokesman Colin Farmery said: ‘They view Pompey as a pathfinder, a beacon, because if community ownership can succeed at a club the size of Pompey – and we think it can – then it can work anywhere.

‘Supporters Direct see that football has moved away from its communities, away from its roots, and it sees community ownership as a way to address that.

‘They know fans will take care of their club, and look after it well.’