COMMENT: Fratton’s future is in the administrator’s hands

Pompey administrator Trevor Birch
Pompey administrator Trevor Birch
Former Pompey manager Alan Ball

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IT will be up to Pompey administrator Trevor Birch to decide who takes over at Portsmouth Football Club.

Balram Chainrai may believe that he is the only option, but his takeover of the club is far from automatic.

Quite simply, if Mr Birch believes Mr Chainrai’s offer won’t serve the best interests of the creditors, or there is a better offer, he can refuse to let the deal happen.

On the other hand, if Mr Chainrai is the only one who can stop the club from being liquidated and keep it running until a new buyer can be found, Mr Birch will have to take the deal.

If the club is liquidated, would Mr Chainrai own Fratton Park?

No. It would be the liquidator’s job to sell Fratton Park to the highest bidder, as well as all the other assets.

The money from the sale would pay creditors, and as the ground can only be used for football, there’s a limit to who would be interested in buying it.