Comment: ‘McGeehangate’ can spur on Pompey fans

Luton Town boss Nathan Jones, left    Picture: Joe Pepler
Luton Town boss Nathan Jones, left Picture: Joe Pepler
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It’s not often you see Pompey fans making national headlines for the wrong reasons.

But the fallout from McGeehangate has seen all sorts of flak thrown in the direction of the Fratton faithful.

Cameron McGeehan’s injury broke new ground in Monday’s victory over Luton Town.

It’s the first time many lifelong Pompey fans can recall a player being stretchered from the Fratton Park surface with flak ringing in his ears.

A perfect storm of events have combined to make for an eye-catching tale here.

Firstly, a player breaks his leg and is booked for his troubles.

The injured footballer is then stretchered from the pitch to abuse from supporters which is derided by his manager with an ideal soundbyte.

‘Absolutely disgraceful’, was the description of Pompey fans from Hatters boss Nathan Jones.

It was an attack which riled its target and mobilised them to defend themselves on social media platforms.

The first instinct is the whole saga portrays a lack of class the antithesis of how Pompey fans are known.

But the emerging detail which didn’t make it on to national platforms paints a slightly different picture.

Allegations of McGeehan abusing players, staff, the referee and even the stretcher-bearers emerged before allegedly gesturing to the crowd.

Talk of spitting remains largely unsubstantiated.

Those reports don’t come from angry fans on the back foot but reputable supporters and even one of those people carrying McGeehan from the pitch.

Maybe such conduct was out of character for the player.

After all, a talented young footballer had just broken his leg – a fact worth remembering.

But, amid the fallout of an incident damaging to Pompey fans, the minutiae goes unreported.

Ironically, though, it creates exactly the kind of scenario Pompey fans revel in.

When they are questioned the response is usually powerful.