Cook believes his way is right way

Paul Cook. Picture: Joe Pepler
Paul Cook. Picture: Joe Pepler
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PAUL COOK will resist changing his Pompey formula.

And the Blues boss underlined a belief his way is the right one in the face of calls from fans to play with two strikers.

After playing 15 games and losing one why would we want to change what we’re doing?

Paul Cook

Cook has largely utilised a 4-2-3-1 formation so far this season, with his side sat second in the table and just a single league loss to their name.

He threw two strikers up front for 30 minutes in Saturday’s 0-0 draw with Mansfield – a result which made it three draws and a loss in the past four home games.

But the Scouser feels results show his team are getting it right.

Cook said: ‘My job as manager is to keep picking teams that you feel is the best team to win the game.

‘If you look at systems, for example, there’s a lot made about them. There’s been a lot mooted about it.

‘After playing 15 games and losing one, why would we want to change what we’re doing?

‘People may say the supporters want it.

‘I look at the possession we’ve had at home and crosses in games.

‘For me to go 4-4-2, logically you must have a bigger man and smaller man.

‘You must put a lot of balls in the area and have energy in wide areas for lads to get up and down.

‘We haven’t really built our team to be like that. That’s the Achilles heel.

‘But if you build a team to be like that, I guarantee you’ll come a cropper.

‘It depends how you want to build your team. You get a negative result and everyone wants to be destructive to what you’re building. I’m not really like that.

‘When we leave the ground we’re all disappointed, but reality must kick in.

‘The reality is, after 15 games, we’re second in the league.’

Cook has previously stated an annoyance at what he sees as a knee-jerk reaction to results which exists in football.

He pinpointed social media as a major factor in that occurring.

‘We should have done better at home and we should have got a couple of points more,’ admitted Cook.

‘If we’d got those couple of points we wouldn’t be discussing anything now.

‘I remember when we won seven at the start at Chesterfield, they were asking can we go the season unbeaten?

‘I laughed my head off. Yeh, why not! We lost to Mansfield on the Saturday 1-0! It’s footie.

‘Nowadays it seems it’s social media that’s running the game.

‘There’s a book. I could write it. We must play 4-4-2 – we must get a central midfielder in the box.

‘Criticism will always come on the back of a bad result.

‘I do care. I’m not being disrespectful.

‘Over 46 games, how many bad games are we going to get? Five? Six?

‘That’s the reality. My job is to make us better as we go forward.’