Cook needs a huge overhaul of players

Pompey striker Ryan Taylor  Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey striker Ryan Taylor Picture: Joe Pepler
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Good luck to Paul Cook – it’s great that we’ve got an experienced manager who knows what this level is all about.

I hope Cook gets the time from the fans to settle in and take this club forward.

There’s no way a lot of them deserve a contract after what happened last season.

Ray Crawford

He’s setting his stall out for promotion already, though, for next season.

To do that there are going to be a lot of changes needed.

The players are not good enough.

There’s no way a lot of them deserve a contract after what happened last season.

Has Cook seen them play? Or will he rely on the opinions of the coaches who are at the club?

I was talking to one fan just a couple of days ago, and he was saying he was shocked how a lot of them can’t control or pass a ball.

You have to tell the truth – and it was embarrassing at times last season.

When you have been a professional footballer and had a long career in the game you can tell when players aren’t good enough – and a lot of them aren’t good enough.

There are players I would keep.

From the out-of-contract players, I would like to see Wes Fogden stay after he was unlucky with injury.

Joe Devera is a dependable servant and always gives 100 per cent.

The young lads whose deals are up like Ben Close, Adam Webster and Dan Butler need to be kept.

But there are a lot of players who there are big question marks over.

One minute, Ryan Taylor looks the part and the next he’s all over the place. You’re letting yourself down, son.

Then you come to Nicky Shorey. He needs to go.

I like what I’ve seen of Danny East but he’s always injured. The same goes for Tom Craddock. Got to go.

Ben Chorley, sorry, but he’s out, too. There’s something not quite right about the way things went with him.

There’s the contracted players to look at, too, but that may be more difficult.

The keeper, Paul Jones, had a reasonably good season and James Dunne is a 100-per-center, who should stay.

Paul Robinson we need to keep, and the same goes for Matt Tubbs – he’s a goalscorer, but I think he needs coaching over how to lead the line.

Hopefully the manager can get Nigel Atangana playing and Johnny Ertl is a grafter who never lets you down.

But then there’s Andy Barcham, who flatters to deceive. He’s got to go if they can get rid of him.

Danny Hollands, I’m sorry, but he hasn’t done it. He needs to prove himself.

And then there’s Craig Westcarr. There’s a question mark over him, putting it politely.

So there’s a lot of work for the manager to do.

He’ll have players lined up, and I’m sure he’ll look to bring in some Chesterfield players.

It will be an interesting summer, I’m sure.