Cotterill hits out over ‘bobbly’ pitch

Pompey boss Steve Cotterill
Pompey boss Steve Cotterill
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From left to right: Jamal Lowe, Adam May, Christian Burgess and Matt Clarke after Pompey's loss to Blackpool. Picture: Joe Pepler

Pompey 0 Blackpool 2: they said what?

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Steve Cotterill blasted Pompey’s ground staff after watching his side struggle to see off gutsy Scunthorpe.

The Blues boss revealed his disappointment over the failure to water the Fratton Park pitch ahead of last night’s match.

And after Cotterill’s complaints at half-time, the pitch was watered at both ends of the ground using a sprinkler.

The Pompey manager said: ‘To be honest, the pitch was terribly bobbly.

‘It wasn’t watered which really has disappointed me and it doesn’t help.

‘The pitch wasn’t quick, so all of a sudden they can sit 10 lads in there and make it very difficult.

‘We might do the same if we were down there fighting for our lives, there has been many a time when we have had to get bodies behind the ball.

‘Ipswich on Saturday for a start, we had to work to stay in the game.

‘Scunthorpe worked hard, give them credit, they made it really difficult for us.

‘But when the pitch is bobbly, you have no speed to your passing.

‘Every time a player is waiting for the ball to come to him the ball on the floor is bobbling, it’s hopping up, it’s hitting his shin.

‘That was happening with every pass.’

Cotterill felt the bobbly pitch was hindering his side’s efforts to prise open the Scunthorpe defence.

He added: ‘When you are wanting the ball to go out to one of your wide men, you want one of your full-backs to start overlapping.

‘Our full-backs were very hesitant because of the speed of the pass getting out to Nugent or Cotterill.

‘When you know that ball isn’t going to get there they are always a little bit reluctant to overlap and if the ball is nicked their winger is through on goal.

‘They put water on at half-time but I don’t think that made a blind bit of difference because there wasn’t enough of it.

‘I’m not too happy but we can sort that out in good time.’