Cotterill ready to delight Fratton faithful

Pompey boss Steve Cotterill
Pompey boss Steve Cotterill
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Pompey boss encouraged by ‘good options’

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Steve Cotterill is conf-ident fans will be ‘delighted’ with the two players standing by to sign for Pompey.

The Blues boss insists he still has two targets waiting in the wings, after the ongoing takeover wrangle cost him one this week.

Cotterill has revealed the duo, who are committed to a move to Fratton Park, just need their moves rubber-stamped once the takeover has gone through.

The Blues boss would not name the pair.

However, it is thought one of them is long-term target David Norris.

As it stands, just nine players are contracted to Pompey next season.

One of those is Tal Ben Haim, who is currently in dispute with the club as they seek to cancel his contract.

Cotterill is desperate to bring in a host of new recruits to bolster numbers. His hands are currently tied, with the proposed takeover continuing to drag.

But he has managed to recruit two players.

And he believes once they are unveiled, fans will be pleased with those captures.

He added: ‘I have two on hold at the moment.

‘They are the only two I can put on hold.

‘Others require a little bit more work.

‘Even if they cost money, I would want to sign them. Definitely.

‘They are good players who can come into our team and the fans will be happy with them.

‘Most of all, they are free transfers, which is fantastic for us.

‘If I could sign all the players I have lined up I would be delighted – and so would the fans.’

The free transfer market is already heavily congested as clubs seek bargains.

This week Premier League clubs have also been announcing their retained lists, with a number of those released also catching the eye.

As it stands, Cotterill is unable to close deals on any of his targets.

That situation will only change once the takeover is completed and new owners are on board.

And the Blues boss once again reiterated the importance of Convers Sports Initiatives’ approach being successful as soon as possible.

Cotterill added: ‘When I joined this club on June 18 last year, I said I needed to have arrived a month earlier.

‘That was because I needed more time to work in the free agent market. By that stage the better players had gone.

‘Before much longer we are going to be at that stage again this season. We do need to step up.

‘I have had this conversation many times with David Lampitt because I have a budget anyway.

‘If I was shouting from the rooftops wanting to sign every Tom, Dick or Harry I would understand. But I’m not.

‘We need to be signing players now.’