Cotterill will stay patient over Chainrai call

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Pompey's transfer plans remain on hold as Steve Cotterill awaits a scheduled phone call from Balram Chainrai.

The Blues boss revealed the club's joint-owner had planned to ring him on December 29.

That informal agreement was reached by the duo at a meeting in London at the start of the month when Pompey's transfer plans were discussed.

However, Wednesday's phone call did not materialise.

That has left Cotterill still waiting to discover whether he can strengthen his threadbare squad when the transfer window opens tomorrow.

But despite receiving no call from Chainrai or fellow owner Levi Kushnir, Cotterill insists he will be remain patient.

He said: 'I never got the call and I am not one for pestering anyone, it's not something I do.

'Mr Chainrai had said he was going to give me a call on January 1 or something like that.

'I jokingly asked if we could negotiate on December 29 because it was after the Leeds game, which gave me three or four days thinking before the window opened.

'As far as I remember, he agreed to that.

'I didn't hear anything, though, and I'm not going to wait by the phone. I can't, I've got things to do.

'I don't know what he is doing at this moment in time, he could be busy or going to ring me later. I don't know the answer to that.

'I'm not going to keep ringing and ringing. If he's got something to tell me he'll probably tell me.

'There is no point me being on the phone every five minutes. I'm not going to hassle him. We've just got to get on with it, really.'