Could Al-Fahim get involved at Pompey again?

WELCOME Sulaiman Al-Fahim meeting fans in 2009. ''Picture: Steve Reid (093084-60)
WELCOME Sulaiman Al-Fahim meeting fans in 2009. ''Picture: Steve Reid (093084-60)
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FORMER Pompey owner Sulaiman Al-Fahim could get involved at Fratton Park again if a bid by the Pompey Supporters’ Trust is successful.

He has been in talks with the trust with a view to backing its bid for fans to buy Pompey out of administration.

Mr Al-Fahim’s representatives met with members of the trust on Monday to talk about a potential deal.

But he insists he would only be a medium-sized investor and as such would have no controlling interest in the trust’s bid.

In a statement, the trust said: ‘On Monday night the trust met with one of Mr Al-Fahim’s team to discuss the community buy-out.

‘We took the time to explain the bid and the progress made so far along with the type of community club that we wish to create.

‘Mr Al-Fahim’s team will now consider the information we gave them and whether both sides can work together.

‘All through this process we have said we will talk with anyone who can help save Portsmouth Football Club from liquidation.

‘This meeting was in line with that aim. Dr Al-Fahim was not available to speak to The News yesterday when we tried to contact him.

But he has confirmed his interest in helping the bid on an account on social networking site Twitter which the Trust has used to contact him.

He said: ‘I’m not promising anything. I’m like any other fan trying to be part of the PST bid.’

He defended his previous involvement in Pompey, which saw him default on loans from de-facto club owner Balram Chainrai, which were supposed to be used to keep the club afloat.

Mr Al-Fahim bought Pompey from Alexandre Gaydamak and ploughed £5m into the club.

But another £45m investment, allegedly from former Thai prime minister Thaskin Shinawatra, did not materialise and six weeks later he sold the club to Ali Al Faraj.

He retained a 10 per cent holding and a position as non-executive chairman, but resigned after a fall-out with the Pompey board.

He urged Mr Chainrai to withdraw his bid for Pompey. He added: ‘Chainrai is not a bad person, but it’s better for the club that he joins the PST and let the club be managed with the PST.’