CSI is out of the frame says Birch

NO RETURN Former CEO David Lampitt with former owner Vladimir Antonov
NO RETURN Former CEO David Lampitt with former owner Vladimir Antonov
Pompey boss Kenny Jackett

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POMPEY administrator Trevor Birch last night firmly ruled out a return for owner Vladimir Antonov.

Mr Antonov is due to stand trial on charges of bank fraud, and his assets were frozen by the Lithuanian government after an international arrest warrant was issued for him.

After this, funding for his firm Convers Sports Initiatives was stopped, and in turn the cashflow to Pompey dried up.

He recently posted on his Facebook social networking page a statement that implied he wanted to make a return.

It said: ‘This people just robbed me and my family! And I’m going to prove it!

‘If I’ll get a compensation from them after legal battle I’ll invest to Pompey again! One way or another!

‘Anyway Pompey in my heart forever!’

Fans raised the issue at yesterday’s conference. CSI and Mr Antonov were supposed to be the owners who took Pompey into a new era of financial prudence, openness and success on the pitch.

But instead the club has been sliding headfirst into administration since CSI was itself deemed insolvent at the end of last year.

Mr Birch said: ‘There’s not a cat in hell’s chance of him coming back.

‘The company he invested in, CSI, is still in administration.’

Mr Antonov also seemed to imply that any money owed by Pompey to CSI’s creditors would be reduced to zero in order to save the club.

He said: ‘If CSI creditors is a problem for PFC future, I can assure you that all of them will sign full write off their debt to ZERO to save our club.

‘If you all think that we were a problem then my apologise to all and we are fully ready to convert our debt to an equity with ZERO financial interest!’