Ex-Pompey director says the club will survive

HOPEFUL Roman Dubov
HOPEFUL Roman Dubov
Brandon Haunstrup. Picture: Joe Pepler

Gaffer: Bad feeling as Pompey head to Fleetwood

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FORMER Pompey director Roman Dubov has spoken publicly for the first time since ex-owners CSI went bust.

Speaking to The News, Mr Dubov said he was ‘surprised’ when business partner Vladimir Antonov was accused of asset-stripping at his Lithuanian bank, Snoras.

He is now fighting extradition proceedings.

Mr Dubov said: ‘It’s up to the court to decide whether Vladimir made a mistake or not, but he was good for the club and from the first day when we came to the club we prepared a plan on how we would save it. If you look at the five months we were there, we did more than anyone in the last 10 years for the infrastructure of the club, paying half-a-million pounds.

‘Right now people are blaming the football league and the fit and proper test, but they spent two months checking him and when he bought the club he was in a very good position, and even now he still owns 100 per cent of the British bank.’

Mr Dubov revealed he has been asked to front a consortia to buy the club, but turned them down because of his association with CSI.

He also said he has been approached by a Russian club and a European club to become involved, but told them no.

He said he will take a break from football.

On Pompey’s future, he said: ‘I’m 100 per cent sure the club will survive, and right now it’s very important for everyone to be united to support the club, to help the players and to help the manager, to help everyone.’

‘Small things make a big difference.’