Fan offers to take new owners on a tour

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Humbled Pompey boss out to reward fan loyalty

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SCOTT McLachlan, a board member of the Pompey Supporters Trust, said he would be more than happy to take Mr Dubov on a tour of the stadium and point out areas where improvements could be made.

He said: ‘There are lots of places in Fratton Park that could be improved to make the place look and smell a bit nicer.

‘They could start by improving access to the toilets and replacing the plumbing system. It probably wouldn’t cost any more than a week’s wages for one of the players, and it would make a huge difference.

‘But if they really want to know what the fans want, all they need to do is sit down next to them at half-time and ask them.

‘We are the ones that use the stadium after all, so we should have a say on how it is redeveloped.’

However, editor of, Colin Farmery, said the only way to improve Fratton Park is to knock it down and start again.

He said: ‘The bottom line is that we need a new stadium.

‘There’s no point putting a sticky plaster on a ground that is no longer fit for purpose because it’s just not going to work.

‘I would much rather see them focus their time and energy putting together a proper plan of how we are going to get a new stadium, because at the moment we are a Premier League team with league one facilities.’