Fans cautious over Joseph Cala’s Pompey plan

Former Pompey loanee Joe Mattock celebrates his winner against Pompey Picture: Joe Pepler

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FANS have given a cautious welcome to Sicilian businessman Joseph Cala’s plans to buy Pompey.

Today The News reported Mr Cala’s claim that he is the frontrunner to take over the embattled club after its parent company Convers Sports Limited (CSI) went into administration.

Despite administrator Andrew Andronikou remaining tight lipped about any potential deal, the 50-year-old said he had been won over by the passion of fans and believes he could become the new owner within days.

Colin Farmery, editor of, said: ‘I think Mr Cala has some interesting things to say. It’s always good news when people are interested in buying football clubs.

‘It shows there is interest out there but we’ll have to wait and see whether his business credentials stack up.

‘He’s got a public CV out there, which he seems to suggest isn’t the full breadth of his experience, so ultimately we’ve got to wait and see.

‘The admin have got the job of establishing whether he’s all that he says he is, so we need to put our faith in the admin to do this job.’

But SOS Pompey member Bob Beech said he wasn’t convinced and fans had had heard everything Mr Cala has said before.

He said: ‘I don’t know enough about the man to make a judgement yet.

‘Some of the fans have their concerns, and as usual the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

‘My question to anyone who wants to buy Pompey is always why? What’s in it for you?

‘The club is in an absolute mess and that won’t be sorted out over night.

‘We will wait and see, but my advice to other fans would be: lets not hang the flags out just yet.’

His SOS Pompey colleague Brendon Bone was more optimistic, and added: ‘It’s a case of wait and see, and hope the admin make the right decision.

‘Just wait and see how this guy turns out, there’s no point making breakneck decisions.’

‘Fingers crossed that he is the right man to take the club forward.’