Fans have say on Pompey striker Curtis Main

Curtis Main impressed fans on Sunday. Picture: Joe Pepler.
Curtis Main impressed fans on Sunday. Picture: Joe Pepler.
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Pompey fans have been debating plenty of talking points off the back of victory at Gillingham.

The performances of Oli Hawkins, Matty Kennedy and Curtis Main are among those being debated. Here are a selection of the comments made.

• Main looked good up there and battled hard to win the ball back. If he was up top with someone else could be good. Hawkins was class at centre-back.

Ryan Boare

• Main was decent. Good to see him challenge with their centre-back at the end of the first half and a great header to help create our goal.

Ross Turner

• I thought Main did well. Got through a lot of work and it was a great header that led to the goal. He deserves another chance. Kennedy on the other hand was awesome.

Leon Hall

• Don’t think the overall performance was that great but three points on road is always good. A few things to work for the MK Dons game. Kennedy was brilliant and Main did okay. Just needs a few more games under his belt to get momentum.

Kane Willis

• Dominated the full 90 mins against a dreadful team I said one of the front 4 was man of the match, but thinking about it I agree with Hawkins. If you did not know our team you would of thought he was actually a centre-back so well done to him. Tom Clark

• Injury was a shame for Donohue. Probably his best performance in a blue shirt but thankfully it didn’t affect the result.

Tom Ireton

• Three points gained, yet people moan. I can guarantee that if we had a 80,000 seater stadium and won the Premier League and Champions League year after year, some people would still moan! I was at the game. We had to work hard but we got all three points - that’s all that matters

Joanne Truman

• Our wingers Lowe and Kennedy were outstanding surely the best in League One #playoffs.

Bob Atkins

• Kennedy played really well all afternoon and fully deserved his goal. But watch that hamstring injury please Matty, as we already have 10 injured players!

Cath Absolom