Fans urged to decide on future of Pompey crest

The crest on Pompey's shirt this season
The crest on Pompey's shirt this season
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SUPPORTERS are being asked to share their views on the future of the Pompey crest.

The club is considering altering the famous star and crescent after positive feedback from fans about the 1914-style badge on the First World War commemorative home shirt this season.

Pompey want to gauge wider fan opinion before committing to any move.

Colin Farmery is Pompey’s PR consultant and also has responsibility for the club’s history and archiving projects.

He said: ‘We have had lots of fans contacting us saying how much they prefer the traditional crest, so it seems like a good time to open the debate.

‘However, changing the club crest is an important decision and, as a community club, one we would not want to take without proper consultation with our fans.

‘We want as many fans as possible to take part in the survey so we have as accurate a picture of their views as possible. The club will use the results to inform a decision on changing the crest or not.’

Bob Beech who runs the Pompey Pals project which played a key role in the current Pompey crest, said: ‘It needs to be the original iconic badge. The version from 2008 to me is synonymous with all that went wrong with the club.

‘It was introduced by one of the many bad owners we had.

‘It’s another way of rubbing out the awful part of our history and replacing it with something that’s far more iconic and is connected to the city. We’re a community club so it puts us back in the community.’

Nigel Tresidder is the chairman of the Portsmouth Supporters’ Club.

He said: ‘I would like to see it go back to the original crest.

‘I would like to see it how it was before.’

Mr Tresidder added it’s important to let fans have their say. ‘It’s absolutely fantastic because what it does is it makes us part of the club, which we are,’ he said.

‘We are the club now. It’s nice to be involved.’

The vote offers fans three options: to stick with the 2008 crest design, to change to a crest based on the 1914 design used on this season’s home shirt or to initiate a further consultation on an all-new design.

The survey closes on Monday, September 15. Visit to vote.

The club is taking votes here